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on top of that we need to create 2 new files a gameroom.ts file and state.ts files
the state file will handle all the data
the gameroom file will handle all the callbacks
The state will be received by all players so you do not want to have all the info on the state All you want to keep in the state that is allowed to be shared globally
Example battleship game:
  • Shots fired by all players should be in the state
  • Position of the ships should not be in the state otherwise is accessible to all players
Schema is a build in Colyseus and allows to send data back and forward between Client and Server
Schema comes with some parameters {Schema, type, MapSchema, ArraySchema }
Schema -> Colyseus framework
type -> is the language which is typescrypt
MapSchema -> Basically is an object
ArraySchema -> is to use array
We start by creating a RoomState first and we need to know which players are in the room
in the case for single players used in OP Games
you need additional annotation for schema to work
class PlayerState extends Schema {
sessionID: string;
export class RoomState extends Schema {
@type({map: PlayerState})
players: MapSchema<PlayerState>
} Lets go to our GameRoom File
import { Client, Room } from "colyseus"
import {RoomState, PlayerState} from "./state"
export class GameRoom extends Room<RoomState> {